Standard Un-leaded petrol (Octane 90): LKR 150.00 per Litre
Premium Un-leaded petrol (Octane 95): LKR 158.00 per Litre
Standard Diesel: LKR 111.00 per Litre
Super Diesel : LKR 133.00 per Litre

All rates include a mileage of 100 km per day & additional charges thereafter.
All rentals are subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.
Minimum rental period is 05 days.

The driver, including the additional drivers, must be between 21-70 years of age and should be in full possession of a valid driving licence with at least 3 years of qualified driving experience.
An international driver’s licence is required for licences printed in a non-Roman alphabet.

A delivery and collection service is available at an additional cost. Details are available upon request.

All vehicles are given with an empty tank of petrol and customers should return the vehicle in the same condition. It is also possible to hand over a vehicle with a full tank upon prior request where it will be added to the rental cost.

The following credit cards are accepted for payment: American Express, MasterCard and Visa, Local or foreign currency.
Rental deposits must be made in currency.

Should an extension of the rental beyond the agreed return date and time be required, the customer must inform KRCS immediately to extend the insurance coverage.

Special equipment such as child seats or satellite navigation is available. Details are available upon request.

Rates include third party liability, property damage, collision damage & theft.
The renter is liable for any damage done to the vehicle including the value of the Rental Deposit (Excess liability on Insurance).
Insurance is valid for ONLY 01 pre-designated driver with a valid driver’s licence.